Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cellered in Canada Wines

I came across the following on a facebook group

"The opportunity to revive Ontario's greenbelt and foster sustainable farming
is being killed off by a clever con.Ontario grapes are going sour because cheap
imported wine is being passed off as local product by the Liquor Control Board
of Ontario (LCBO).Thanks in part to a little-known law cemented during
negotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement, most Ontario wines on
offer in the province's government-controlled wine stores are not what they
seem. Carefully worded regulations allow for wine marketed in LCBO stores as
Canadian product to have 70% foreign wine, and only 30% Ontario juice.

The clue is a discrete reference in the fine print: "Cellared in Canada."

This dishonesty is appalling. The lack of respect for Canada’s quality wine
industry is criminal. This is an extremely poor way to raise the profile of
Canadian wine. Serving low-end off shore plonk labeled as “Cellared in Canada”
is fraudulent and misleading.

This is something that definitely should be an election issue. Ontario Wines deserve fair marketing. People need to be educated into what they are really buying.

I look forward to your comments and hope you join this group.

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