Thursday, May 21, 2009

Made In Canada

This blog is all about supporting Canadian Goods by buying products Made In Canada. We feel that the government needs to make it clear that the Made In Canada logo is important to Canadians. If you want to sell your product here you need to manufacture it here or use a high percentage of Canadian Materials.

It is up to you to add products to the list that are actually Made In Canada. Oddly enough, products like Toyota and Honda cars are manufactured here but people see them as foreign products but look at GM, less and less of them are being made in Canada. As they close plants they are actually becoming less of a Canadian Made product. Kind of ironic as we always think of Ford, Chrysler and GM as domestic. Hopefully this blog and the corresponding Facebook group will help us become more aware of Truly Canadian goods.

I look forward to your comments as to what products are Canadian and which ones seem Canadian but are made south of the border.

If you have any comments either post them here or email Susan Fischer at and we will post them here.

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