Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Support the 'Made In Canada' Bill

I read something very positive in the newspaper this morning.It seems an NDP MP (Irene Mathyssen) is thinking like we are.The government spends a lot of money and what better way to buildour economy than use products made in canada when possible.

This story made me think of that story a few months back about that MPthat ordered Canadian flags to hand out in his riding but he found outthat they were not Canadian made and were actually of lower quality. Cheaper but cheaply made. He ended up sending them back and ordering hisown Made in Canada.

Initially, the excuses were that we are in a free trade agreement and cuttingcosts is good but with the United States doing the same, it cannot be a free trade issue. Everybody loves to save money but at what cost are we saving thosedollars? Pennywise, pound foolish.

Thanks to Irene Mathyssen for standing up for Canada. If you feel the same please email her at: Mathyssen.I@parl.gc.ca and tell her.

If you have any comments or know of someone else making a difference in this area pleaseemail Susan Fischer at susan@clinchportal.com and we will post them here.
Also, if you know of any good quality Canadian products please post them too. It is allabout awareness. Sometimes its hard to know something is Canadian as its not always on the packaging.

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